USEF to require microchips for some events

By the fall of 2018, horses competing in the hunter/jumper, jumper and equitation divisions of United States Equestrian Federation-recognized events must be microchipped for identification purposes.

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Going Toothless

Sometimes battling a progressive, painful dental disease requires a drastic approach.

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First U.S. case of equine Chagas disease

A protozoal infection previously seen only in Mexico, South America and Central America has been detected in a horse in Texas.

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The savvy way to stock your trailer

Pack along a few vital items just in case you trip doesn't go as planned.

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A genetic component of equine personality identified

Researchers in Japan are close to identifying a gene that may make some horses easier to handle than others.

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The Long & Short of Equine Coats

The secret to bringing out your horse’s natural shine lies in understanding how his hair grows.

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Keys to Preventing Laminitis

It’s far better to head off this potentially crippling hoof condition than to try to treat it. Here’s what you need to know to protect your horse.

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Fescue toxicosis risk

Ingestion of tall fescue infected with endophytic fungus can cause serious problems in pregnant mares.

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When to adjust vaccination plans

Changing circumstances may mean that your horse needs different or additional vaccinations.

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A Price of Progress?

Laminitis associated with lush grass is the most common form of the condition today, but it was hardly known a century ago. Why?

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Q&A: A rash of hoof abscesses

Q: I have a 13-year-old Clydesdale gelding who, up until last year, had never had any health issues. Now, however, he seems to have developed a susceptibility for hoof abscesses. At one point...

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Three reasons to adjust your horse's vaccination plan

If your horse is going to come in contact with more horses this year than in the past, he may need additional vaccinations.

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Ride Along With A Veterinarian— Kathy Anderson, DVM | Lameness

The art and science of lameness exams

Webinar: EPM from a Clinician's Perspective

Event examines the disease from a clinician's perspective.

Basic Training with David O’Connor | Episode One: Introduction

Establishing the lines of communication

Ride Along With A Veterinarian— Kathy Anderson, DVM | Introduction

Making rounds at Equine Veterinary Care at Fair Hill Training Center

Webinar: Laminitis Lessons with Don Walsh, DVM

Watch a webinar on lamintis presented by equine laminitis specialist Don Walsh, DVM. Don Walsh, a equine lamintis specialist, presented useful information to help horse...

Ride Along With A Veterinarian— Kathy Anderson, DVM | Ultrasound

How ultrasound imaging aids diagnosis

Ride Along With A Veterinarian— Kathy Anderson, DVM | Scoping

What an endoscopic exam can reveal about respiratory health

D. Wayne Lukas

Formula 707 is honored to pay tribute to D Wayne Lukas, an iconic horse trainer in the thoroughbred racing world. What better day to recognize his legacy than on the most...

Do you want your horse to have the best in blanket technology?

Enter to win one of your own at

Webinar : Complex Helmets for a Complex World

Roy Burek of Charles Owen presents a webinar on equestrian helmet design and innovation.

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