Is a horse ever too old to become infested by ascarids?

Horses normally outgrow susceptibility to certain internal parasites.

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An exceptional heart

When a routine prepurchase exam turns up an unusual cardiac condition, a mare defies the textbooks by thriving.

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Cowboy Dressage

In this chapter from their new book, Eitan and Debbie Beth-Halachmy introduce an “American style of dressage” that combines elements of traditional Western and classical horsemanship.

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The dark side of beauty standards

Research underscores the welfare issues that can arise from emphasizing physical extremes in horses.

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Farrier Chad Osborne Wins 2016 EQUUS Professional Horseman Award Contest

EQUUS Magazine is proud to announce that Chad Osborne has been named the title of 2016 EQUUS Professional Horseman.

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What's a normal recovery?

Use this timetable to evaluate whether a horse's healing has stalled.

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Alternative lice remedies tested

Tea tree and lavender oils prove effective in treating lice.

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Is posting easier on a horse’s back?

Studies show that whe a rider posts and stands in the stirrups the forces exerted on a horse's back are reduced.

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Is posting easier on a horse’s back?

Researchers explain the force exerted by a rider on the horse's back during the trot.

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Rescue Me

After surviving a massive heart attack, I put one goal at the top of my bucket list---to own my own horse.

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Teach a horse to accept farriery work

Here are some simple exercises for teaching a horse to accept having his hooves handled.

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Dominant horses may be at a higher risk of obesity

Dominant horses may be at a higher risk of obesity.

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Do you want your horse to have the best in blanket technology?

Enter to win one of your own at

Basic Training by David O'Connor | Episode Seven: Loading

How to address trailer-loading problems

Basic Training by David O'Connor | Episode Thirteen: Riding through water

Keep your horse’s point of view in mind

Ride Along With A Veterinarian— Kathy Anderson, DVM | Ultrasound

How ultrasound imaging aids diagnosis

Ride Along With The Veterinarian—Kristen E. Near, VMD | Senior Horse Health Problems

Eyes, teeth and joints: Common health problems of older horses

Ride Along With The Veterinarian—Charles C.M. Arensberg, VMD | Coggins

Off-the-track Thoroughbreds undergo digital Coggins testing

Webinar: Laminitis Lessons with Don Walsh, DVM

Watch a webinar on lamintis presented by equine laminitis specialist Don Walsh, DVM. Don Walsh, a equine lamintis specialist, presented useful information to help horse...

Basic Training with David O’Connor | Episode One: Introduction

Establishing the lines of communication

Basic Training by David O'Connor | Episode Three: Longeing

Strong, clear aids direct a horse’s movement

Webinar : Complex Helmets for a Complex World

Roy Burek of Charles Owen presents a webinar on equestrian helmet design and innovation.

Basic Training by David O'Connor | Episode Two: Yields

How to use pressure and release

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