Barn Dogs: On watch for dog flu

Two strains of canine influenza are causing outbreaks across the country. But you can take steps to protect your dog.

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From naughty to nice

After undergoing a simple four-step rehabilitation program, Gibson went from a terror around the barn to a welcome visitor.

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My forever horse

A horse who exemplified heart, presence and courage, Topcat not only helped me become a successful trainer but a better human being as well.

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Riders to the rescue

With the help of an extended horse community, two horsemen have found new homes for more than 8,600 dogs in need.

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My Favorite Barn Tools

My first inkling of the association between tools and riding occurred shortly after I realized my dream of owning horse property. I had no sooner unloaded my horse from the trailer when the first of...

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Spring cleaning your barn? Here are four things you must do

Here are four things you can do to protect your horse's health and safety.

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Study suggests deeper harrowing is best for arena footing

For greater benefit, use deeper tines when dragging your arena.

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Birds in your barn? Here's what to do

Tips for discouraging feathered friends from nesting in your barn's rafters

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Vet-call crashing

Is it OK to listen in on your friend's veterinary visit? It depends on whether your presence is welcome or distracting.

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15 Ways to prepare for extreme weather

When rain, drought or snow dominate the headlines, caring for horses can present some extra challenges. Here’s how to meet them.

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Eat, Bray, Love

Why the best companion for your horse might be a donkey.

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You can go home again

The demands of modern life may take you away from the barn, but it is possible to make your way back to the saddle.

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