Safely deck the halls

Decorating the barn for the holidays is fun, for sure. But be careful to avoid introducing hazards in the process. Make sure, for example, that live wreaths and garlands contain no toxic...

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7 steps to find the best boarding barn

When looking for a new place to keep your horse, take a methodical approach to reduce the likelihood of missteps and disappointments.

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After a skirmish

A fight in the pasture between herdmates is usually a loud and dramatic affair. The good news is that most skirmishes don’t result in serious injury. However, if you know there’s...

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Protect your horse from red maple poisoning

If your horse eats dropped leaves from some types of maple trees, fast action will be required to save his life.

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The latest in barn lights

If you’re squinting at your horses under old incandescent bulbs and flickering fluorescents, it might be time to upgrade. Today’s energy-efficient lighting choices may cost more up front, but you can net huge savings over time.

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Limited land? No Problem!

With a little extra effort, you can enjoy the advantages of a large farm even if you keep your horses on a relatively small acreage.

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Be wary of this winter footing

Cold weather sometimes creates hazardous footing, especially for older, arthritic horses.

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Guilt-free tack care

Here’s a practical guide to care leather needs and when it needs it.

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Barn Dogs: On watch for dog flu

Two strains of canine influenza are causing outbreaks across the country. But you can take steps to protect your dog.

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From naughty to nice

After undergoing a simple four-step rehabilitation program, Gibson went from a terror around the barn to a welcome visitor.

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My forever horse

A horse who exemplified heart, presence and courage, Topcat not only helped me become a successful trainer but a better human being as well.

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Riders to the rescue

With the help of an extended horse community, two horsemen have found new homes for more than 8,600 dogs in need.

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