Farm and Ranch

Get a head start on flies

Here’s a rundown of the ways you can curb the insects that pester your horse.

Jun 05, 2014

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The best defense against barn fire

Take these steps now to reduce the risk of a potential tragedy.

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Tack Room Organization Tips

Try these tricks to take control of a messy tack room.

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Keeping Your Ground Dry

The poet E. E. Cummings rhapsodized about the season “when the world is mud-luscious” and “puddle-wonderful.” As a horse owner, I don’t see mud in the same positive...

Jan 01, 2014

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Chores That Can Wait

During the cold, dark and busy winter months it's OK to put off three horsekeeping tasks for a little while.

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Four Things to Toss from your Feed Room

When your feed room is in disarray, start the clean up by pitching these items.

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Steer clear of holiday décor hazards

Be mindful of risks your seasonal decorations can pose to your horses.

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Safe and Secure Round Pens

Ensure that your round pen is in good working order by inspecting its footing and fencing.

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Caught between the Bars

When a gelding gets his hind leg trapped in the bars of his stall, his owners jump into action to free and save him.

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How Horses Stay Warm

Here's how your horse's fluffy winter coat keeps him warm in chilly weather.

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Winter care for veterinarians and farriers

Try these tips for keeping the professionals who care for your horse comfortable this season.

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Weather Alerts Explained

Understanding the language of weather reports will help you keep your horses safe. Here's the lingo you need to know.

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Do Horses Get Headaches?

A veterinarian explains the reasons a horse's head might hurt, but why it may be impossible to tell when it does.

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Rescued: Pulling a Horse Stuck in a Mud Puddle to Safety

A community rallies to save a trapped mare, using her pasture mate as horsepower.

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Organize your Grooming Tools

Frigid winter weather may limit your riding, but you can put your "downtime" to good use by organizing and upgrading your grooming kit. Here are some basic steps for an overhaul that will make your daily chores a little easier:

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