Bedding Basics for Equine Managers

Bedding. It's a topic and a need that's as old as, well, horses. Bedding choices have remained relatively consistent throughout the years. Deciding which bedding might work best for your...

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Horse Trailer Safety Check

Checking your trailer before you haul helps prevent roadside problems. By reducing trailer hazards, you improve the horses’ comfort and chances for a safe arrival.

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The Top 5 Things To Do To Your Horse Trailer Before Winter

Doing some fall maintenance on your horse trailer can be one of the most cost-effective things a horse owner can do. "Many people have the misconception that with aluminum horse trailers there is no...

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Stolen Horse Trailer Tips

While at a horse show this summer, I went to retrieve my horse trailer in the parking lot, only to realize that it was not there. It was, quite simply, gone. I know it would be much more exciting...

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The Pros and Cons of Straight Load vs Slant Load Trailers

Straight load vs Slant load trailers. The debate continues. However, the one factor that everyone will agree on is that horse safety comes first. It is a given that when a horse enters a close, dark...

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Research Update: Bedding and Horse Behavior

Bedding material used in stables is an important factor affecting the welfare of horses. One of the factors used for investigating the level of welfare of animals is behavior observations. The aim of...

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Fly-Mask Face-Off

Be prepared when the flies invade your barn by choosing the perfect fly mask for your horse. These new, innovative covers offer fresh designs and features for almost every situation.

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Dandelion Control in Horse Pastures

Questions: Is it harmful to have dandelions taking over my pasture? Should I spray and try to control them? Response: Dandelions are not poisonous to horses. Therefore, from a horse health...

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Fly Control

Fly season is upon us! Protect your horse from the irritating, disease-carrying pests with our carefully compiled strategies.

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Safe Plants for Horse Stable Landscaping

Spring is in the air. It's the perfect time to plan enhancements to your stable's landscape. There are a wide variety of plants that can add color, texture and beauty to the exterior of...

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What are the Best Gates for Horse Farms? readers can Ask the Experts on in our forums. Following is a popular discussion in our Barn and Farm Building Ask the Expert forum, with help from the experts at Animal Arts...

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Spruce Up Your Barn

Spring is a great time to evaluate your barn’s condition. Following is a 10-step guide to getting your barn in tip-top shape. Tackle one task at a time, and before you know it, your horse’s indoor environment will be clean, comfortable, and

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Jordan Larson on Summer Travel With Horses

Jordan Larson shared his tips on how he keeps his horses healthy when they're on the road during the summer.

Charles Wilhelm - Trailer Loading Part 2

Successful trailer loading depends on correct timing of pressure and release.

Classic Equine by Ritchie

The industry leaders in horse products and watering have teamed up to bring you a fresh idea on watering. Classic Equine knows horses and horse people. Ritchie invented...

Building Your Perfect Structure with Lester Buildings

At Lester Buildings, we believe that to build the perfect structure for you, our most important tool is planning.

Webinar: Fly Control on the Horse Farm/Ranch with Dr. Doug Ross

Entomologist Dr. Doug Ross will talk about flies as pests and give an overview of the different types of flies that annoy and bite horses.

Terry Myers and Amy Myers at the All American Quarter Horse Congress

Find out why Nutrena® feed is the feed of choice for trainer Terry Myers.

Charles Wilhelm - Trailer Loading Part 1

Teaching your horse to load in the trailer doesn't start at the back of a trailer. Charles demonstrates how to first establish a forward cue and gain control of the...

Horsemen, Hold Your Ground!

Hold Your Ground is a short video produced by ELCR and the National Cutting Horse Association. Hold Your Ground was developed to raise awareness of the loss of land for...

Lester Buildings: Testimonial - Personal Storage

Kent and Connie Peterson share their Lester Buildings experience.

Rodeo Announcer Boyd Polhamus at the C-A-L Ranch Event

We caught up with rodeo announcer Boyd Polhamus at the C-A-L Ranch store in Las Vegas!

Julie Majernik at the All American Quarter Horse Congress

We caught up with Julie Majernik at the All American Quarter Horse Congress.

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