Trailer-Backing Tips

Shows, rodeos, events, adventures with friends, and trail rides likely mean that you will need to maneuver a trailer this summer. Here are some tips.

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Have a Contingency Plan for Your Feed and Hay Supplies

There are a lot of things that can take a back seat when an unexpected event takes place at the barn. Lessons can be rescheduled, training rides can be postponed and fence repairs can be put on hold...

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Which bedding harbors more bacteria?

Bedding made of shavings from Scots pine trees—a species native to Northern Europe but also found in the United States—is much less likely to harbor bacteria than are other common...

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TLC for pasture trees

Take steps to protect the health of the trees in your horse's pastures.

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Herd Health Planning

A farm or boarding facility with multiple horses always needs a good herd health plan. This involves more than just vaccinations and deworming. Often the way you handle preventive medicine on your...

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Keep your barn well ventilated this winter

Resist the urge to close barn doors and windows when the weather turns cold.

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Rodents: The Uninvited Guests

For the sake of your horses, tack and feed, make rodents unwelcome in your barn.

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Horse Barn and Stable Fire Awareness

With more barn fires making the news, we wanted to remind all horse farm and stable owners and managers to be aware of the possibility of fire and offer you some fire prevention...

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Tips on Storing Horse Hay

Once you have found good-quality hay for your horses, the next step is to store it so it remains good-quality hay. First you need to keep it dry...

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Flooring for Horses

The floor that your horse stands on helps to protect his safety. It must be non-slick and cleanable. It must also be durable. In this article, we’ll provide you with some options for equine flooring.

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Travel First-Aid Kit

When traveling with your horse, there are a number of items that your first-aid kit should always contain. Here, we’ll first supply you with a few container tips. Then we’ll provide a...

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Attitude Adjustments

If your trailer isn’t balanced, your horse’s soundness is at risk. Here are six expert ways to level your unbalanced trailer to help keep your horse safe on the road.

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Rodeo Announcer Boyd Polhamus at the C-A-L Ranch Event

We caught up with rodeo announcer Boyd Polhamus at the C-A-L Ranch store in Las Vegas!

Horsemen, Hold Your Ground!

Hold Your Ground is a short video produced by ELCR and the National Cutting Horse Association. Hold Your Ground was developed to raise awareness of the loss of land for...

Charles Wilhelm - Trailer Loading Part 1

Teaching your horse to load in the trailer doesn't start at the back of a trailer. Charles demonstrates how to first establish a forward cue and gain control of the...

Hay Evaluation Video

A short video from the University of Minnesota about evaluating hay's nutritional value for horses.

Julie Majernik at the All American Quarter Horse Congress

We caught up with Julie Majernik at the All American Quarter Horse Congress.

Webinar: Fly Control on the Horse Farm/Ranch with Dr. Doug Ross

Entomologist Dr. Doug Ross will talk about flies as pests and give an overview of the different types of flies that annoy and bite horses.

Building Your Perfect Structure with Lester Buildings

At Lester Buildings, we believe that to build the perfect structure for you, our most important tool is planning.

Eight-Time World Champion Cowboy Joe Beaver at C-A-L Ranch

We caught up with eight-time world champion cowboy Joe Beaver at C-A-L Ranch in Las Vegas.

Terry Myers and Amy Myers at the All American Quarter Horse Congress

Find out why Nutrena® feed is the feed of choice for trainer Terry Myers.

Charles Wilhelm - Trailer Loading Part 2

Successful trailer loading depends on correct timing of pressure and release.

Classic Equine by Ritchie

The industry leaders in horse products and watering have teamed up to bring you a fresh idea on watering. Classic Equine knows horses and horse people. Ritchie invented...

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