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Pest & Fly Control


Reducing Mosquito Populations

Take these measures to reduce mosquito populations on your farm or ranch. | MORE


Webinar: Fly Control on the Horse Farm/Ranch with Dr. Doug Ross

Watch a webinar with entomologist Dr. Doug Ross as he discusses fly control strategies for the horse farm or ranch. | MORE


Green Fly-Fighting Power

As we head into summer’s peak fly season, use these seven green ways to control these annoying pests. | MORE


Tips for Making Fly-Spray Bottles and Sponges Last Longer

During a hot, buggy summer, sponges and fly-spray bottles get a lot of use. Here are a few tips for making these items last the entire season. | MORE


Fly Masks

Tips for using fly masks to protect your horse’s face from flies and gnats. | MORE


Your Horse’s Natural Fly-Control Strategies

Fly sprays and wraps are great, but your horse also has several innate methods of dealing with flies. Here's how you can help him get the most from his instinctive fly-control strategies. | MORE


Climate Change and Horse Health

Weather-pattern changes can cause far more than inconvenience. See how experts say they could affect your horse's health--and you. | MORE


Release Fly Parasites Now For Your Horses

The truest measure of success in our field trial was the contentment of the horses. | MORE


Common Equine Skin Diseases

Here’s what you need to know about those skin lumps, bumps and bald patches on your horse that you can probably handle on your own. | MORE


Fly-Control Battle Plan

Take arms! Here’s a roundup of fly-fighting strategies to help you prepare for summer’s bug battles. | MORE

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