Feeding Horses Based on Work Level

Obesity has become one of the biggest health- and welfare-related issues in the equine community in many developed nations worldwide. Current estimates suggest that 25-50% of horses are...

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Misconceptions in Selecting Forage for Horses

Forage, in the form of hay or pasture, is the primary ingredient in the diet for most horses. Horses can consume many different varieties of high-quality forage, both alfalfa and grasses, without any...

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How to stop mealtime tantrums

Some horses behave badly at feeding time. Here are some tips for maintaining peace and quiet in your barn.

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Upcycle Your Feed Sacks

Before you toss out these everyday items, check out the many ways you can re-use them.

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Feeding for weight gain

When your horse is too thin, whether it’s a short-term aberration or a chronic struggle, careful feeding can help to keep his weight up.

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Dr. Getty Urges: “Don’t Let Your Horse Develop an Ulcer!”

Dr. Juliet Getty never stops urging horse owners to "feed your horse like a horse" for the simple reason that a horse, fed according to his physiology and instincts, will be healthier....

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Bran Mash Health Basics

Have you noticed more horse owners asking for wheat bran in the wintertime? It's likely these well-meaning folks are brewing homemade bran mash for their charges. What's in a bran mash, you...

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Vitamin A in Your Horse's Winter Diet

Vitamin A is important in equine diets because of its powerful antioxidant action. This vitamin also supports vision, reproductive functions and the equine immune system. Vitamin A is synthesized in...

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Best Ways to Feed Horse Treats

During the holidays, horse lovers tend to give treats to their horses and fellow riders as a way to spread holiday cheer. It's an easy gift that everyone seems to enjoy and with new brands...

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How to Feed a Horse Herd to Prevent Fights

The idea of a food fight takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to horses eating at a common feeder. Most skirmishes over position at the feed "trough" don't result in injury,...

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Feed Hay to Keep Your Horse Warm

How to adjust your horse's hay to increase for cold temperatures.

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Gallop Poll: Whither Those Feedsacks?

Do you toss, reuse, recycle? We want to know, what do you do with your old feedsacks? Share your answer in this month's gallop poll and see the results in the December 2014 issue!

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The Nutritional Impact of Hay Quality

Hay quality is directly tied to horse health as hay makes up the bulk of a horse’s diet. Learn which factors can impact hay quality and nutrient content.

Sentinel Horse Feeds: Extrusion

Sentinel® horse feeds are specially made through a process called extrusion, which creates highly digestible nuggets designed to optimize nutrient absorbtion....

Standlee Premium Western Forage

Standlee premium western forage is one of the countries largest producers of premium forage types horse owners demand.

Sentinel Horse Feeds: Sharon White Testimonial

Sharon White, 4-star international eventer, has seen a real difference in the condition and performance of her horses since she started feeding Sentinel LS nearly a...

Slow Feeder

Your horse is a grazing animal with a digestive system evolved to process food in small portions up to 16 hours per day -- conditions often hard to replicate when you're...

D. Wayne Lukas

Formula 707 is honored to pay tribute to D Wayne Lukas, an iconic horse trainer in the thoroughbred racing world. What better day to recognize his legacy than on the most...

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