Book Review: True Blue by Jane Smiley

In the third novel in the middle-school series about young rider Abby Lovitt, Abby acquires a beautiful grey horse whose owner has been killed in a car accident. Now she has to figure him out this "gift horse."

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Book Review: Crown Prince

In Linda Snow McLoon's debut novel for young readers, Sarah Wagner wants a horse of her own more than anything. But is Crown Prince more than she bargained for?

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AQHYA Youth Initiative Plan

July 11, 2012--The AQHA has launched the development of a youth initiative that will open more doors to younger kids.

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Book Review: Big Book of Hidden Horses

Deborah Eve Rubin has created a delightful collection of puzzles, quizzes and trivia that will fascinate parents as well as children.

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Pony Club Alumni in the Spotlight

June 13, 2012--The USEF just named horse and rider combinations to the Short List for the 2012 Olympic Games Eventing team. It is no surprise that many riders listed have Pony Club backgrounds. Eight of the 11 riders named to the short list belonged

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Making It Count

Two rookie youth exhibitors make the most of their first--and last--year of youth eligibility.

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Book Review: Tex

Luke is a little boy who lives by the sea but wants to be a cowboy in the West. In the picture book by Dorie McCullough Lawson, readers get to share his dream.

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Grandparents Make the Connection

Grandparents have a tremendous influence on their grandkids' love of horses.

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Horse Games

Fun shows and playdays make for some of the best times you'll ever have horseback. Here are some of the games the AQHA feels you'll want to adopt for your next horsey get-together.

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Giving Kids in British Columbia the Chance to Fall in Love with Horses

The "A Pony Comes to School" program teaches elementary school children about safety, fun horse facts and the agricultural community.

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Never Too Young to Make a Difference

Thirteen-year-old Lacey Jo Edge helps with the Unwanted Horse Coalition and Operation Gelding.

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National High School Rodeo Association Joins the Alltech Ag Network on iHigh

January 2012--In joining the the Alltech Ag Network on, the National High School Rodeo Association (NHSRA) has a feature-rich platform that will enable them to post news articles, share photos and video clips, and even live-stream

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The Sport of Horseball

The sport is like a combination of polo, rugby, and basketball. It is one of the ten disciplines officially recognized by the International Federation for Equestrian...

Video: CHA Young Riders Clinic

Certified Horsemanship Association's Christy Landwehr and Middle Tennessee State's Anne Brzezicki explain the basics during a horsemanship clinic for youngsters.

Kids and Horses

What's being done to bring more kids into the world of horses? Quite a lot, actually.

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