The Three Rein Positions

Do you know the difference between the direct, indirect, and supporting reins? Learn about them to isolate each of your horse’s four corners.

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Jonathan Field: Establishing personal space

To teach a horse to keep a respectful distance, you must control his feet, earn his trust and establish your leadership.

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Save Your Knees

If your knees hurt after a long trail ride, you're not alone! Try these saddle hacks to make your ride more comfortable.

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Busted: 6 Training Myths

A top trainer debunks common training principles you may have been taking as gospel.

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5 Ways to be a Horseman Now

Most people I talk to think horsemanship is all about how well you ride and/or train. I never bought into that concept, though I did once think strapping on spurs and getting it done in the saddle was...

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Correct Way = Safe Way

Lessen the odds of an avoidable accident by making sure you’re using tried-and-true strategies for handling your horse.

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Keep Him Honest!

Is your horse calling the shots in the show pen? A multiple world champion tells how to correct and prevent this frustrating behavior plus improve the overall longevity of your show horse.

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Going Round and Round - Improve Your Riding with Longe Lessons

Solidify your foundation and improve your riding skills with personalized longe lessons.

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Uncovering (a Horse Named) Neela: Learning to be Confident in the Face of Crazy

What would your horse do if you were to suddenly run past it while screaming? Would it bolt like a racehorse out of a gate or stand calmly? My 8-year-old Friesian-cross mare Neela doesn't fall into

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A Colt, a Feed Lot and a Facebook Plea to Save a Horse Life

Have you ever visited a horse feedlot?After being messaged about a Facebook page listing a yearling colt as one of many horses in need of immediate adoption or they'd be shipped to slaughter I decided

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Uncovering (a Horse Named) Neela: Healing Hands

If a horse launches a human like a lawn dart it's almost always the human's fault.--That's one thing I have come to believe over the years. Horses live in the moment and their reactions and responses

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Uncovering (a Horse Named) Neela

I'm in a hospital bed staring at a piece of paper with a sentence that makes no sense: "Fell off horse Neela who is pregnant by Litrik." That cursory line is in my husband's bold print handwriting and

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Foal Training: Touch and Rub

When it comes to raising foals, a lot of people make the mistake of only loving and rubbing on them and then wonder why their cute babies grow up to be 1,000-pound...

How to Pony Your Horse

Not ready to jump in the saddle just yet? Teaching your horse to pony is a great skill you can use to expose him to different environments.

Does your horse have bucking problems?

Learn how Clinton Anderson and the Method can help get your horse's nasty bucking habit under control. Clinton's Professional Clinician Shana Terry works with Nikki's...

Charles Wilhelm Explains the Rein Aids

Your hands are a key aid in communicating with your horse. Charles demonstrates some common mistakes and teaches you how to use your hands correctly and effectively.

Preparing for Trail Obstacles

Charles demonstrates some exercises you can practice at home to prepare for trail obstacles - including navigating hills and crossing bridges.

Western Dressage Basic Test

The May 2012 Talk page reported that the Pinto Horse Association has added Western Dressage to it's world show lineup for 2012. To see a basic test of this fast-growing...

Catching a Horse in a Herd

This video will show how to safely and effectively catch a horse in a herd. It will talk about horse herd dynamics, pecking order, how to halter and lead correctly and...

How to Back Up Your Horse

My horse wont back up! Charles Wilhelm shows how to teach your horse how to back up.

Obstacles Along the Way: Puddles

Watch this video for advice from clinician Clinton Anderson on how-to handle obstacles along the trail.

Teaching Your Horse to Drag Objects - Part 1

Charles shows you how to introduce the rope to your horse in order to safely and successfully prepare him to drag objects.

How to begin round penning a young horse

Charles Wilhelm shows how to start a young horse in the round pen, the equipment to use and some basic exercises.

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