Is Alfalfa a Wise Choice?

It isn’t a “perfect” food, but alfalfa can be a good staple in the horse’s diet. There are a few caveats, but the key is balance.

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Tips on Soaking Hay for Horses

Some horses can safely eat almost any type of hay. Other horses--those that are overweight or have various metabolic conditions--may get along better on hay with a low nonstructural...

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Hay Before Grain, or Vice Versa?

Which should be fed first--hay or grain? If you're feeding correctly, this issue is truly a moot point because the horse should have access to forage (hay and/or pasture) 24/7 with no gaps....

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Dr. Juliet Getty: Restricting Forage is Incredibly Stressful for Your Horse

If your horse has too much padding over his ribs cutting back on his hay is only going to create another host of problems according to respected equine nutritionist Dr. Juliet Getty a contributing

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Is That Your Horse or a Mud Monster? Tips For Winter Lot Mud Prevention

Hello winter hello mud. If you have trouble recognizing your horse this time of year read on for some mud management tips: Getting your horse's dry lot as “mudproof’’ as possible helps to keep it

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Check Your Horse Trailer Tires! As Temperatures Drop, So Does Tire Pressure

Studies show that the leading factor in roadside breakdowns is tires. As temperatures cool across the country tire pressures will decrease. Given these facts USRider reminds equestrians and others

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Safely Change Your Horses Feeds & Forage

Horses have evolved to handle a wide variety of vegetation in their diet, but with a few key differences between the feral horse and the domesticated horse. A horse ranging freely in search of food consumes

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Hay Shortage

Texas' epic 2011 drought left horse owners desperate to find hay. See what strategies three horse people used to get through it, then use their experience to be sure your horse will never be without "green gold."

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Fitness Matters For Horse And Rider

An article in Horse Journal Editor-in-Chief Cindy Foley's local paper said 1 in 20 Americans over the age of 50 has artificial knees. The number is expected to increase. Why? Obesity and over-exercise.

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What's the Best Way to Feed a Starved or Malnourished Horse?

Overfeeding a malnourished horse can actually do it more harm. | Photo by Jennifer HallIf you've ever been around a horse rescue operation you know some of those horses can be seriously malnourished

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First Horse Love

Kayla and Roman her first horse. | Photos courtesy of Kayla FentonThis is the story of Kayla and Roman our Facebook fan winners for the month of October but it's really a tale of first horse love.Kayla

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Now You Can Grow Your Own (Horse Feed, of Course!)

These horses are a combination of pleasure trail riding cutting and reining and have been on Fodder Feeds for about 18 months now. | Photo courtesy of Fodder FeedsDid you ever wish you could grow

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Slow Feeder

Your horse is a grazing animal with a digestive system evolved to process food in small portions up to 16 hours per day -- conditions often hard to replicate when you're...

The Nutritional Impact of Hay Quality

Hay quality is directly tied to horse health as hay makes up the bulk of a horse’s diet. Learn which factors can impact hay quality and nutrient content.

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