Out of the Legends of Norse Mythology, the Icelandic Horse has Captured America’s Heart

I have been working with a little black Icelandic mare by the name of Ulla. She is the first Icelandic horse I have ever worked with. Typical of her breed she has not been started under saddle and she

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Rocky Mountain Horse: This Little-Known Breed is Quite a Catch

Are you a lover of gaited horse breeds? Then check out contributing writer Amanda Nelson’s information on the Rocky Mountain Horse breed. Silly me I thought since they were named Rocky Mountain horse

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Ponies Painted Through History: Appaloosa Horses

Are you looking for a horse you can “spot” from a distance? The Appaloosa may just fit the bill. Read on as contributing writer Amanda Nelson explores the history of the Appaloosa horse breed.AmyAppaloosa

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One of the Oldest Cities in England Boasts a Noble Horse Breed

A bay is a bay right? Well maybe but the Cleveland Bay  that is used today as a sport horse was developed from Arabian and Andalusian horses as a carriage horse in England. Read on as contributing writer

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Preserving the Bloodlines of the Exmoor Pony

Contributing writer Amanda Nelson looks into the history of the hardy Exmoor pony. Learn about this rare horse breed and its history in the British Isles.AmyExmoor PonyOut of all of the horse breeds scattered across the globe the Exmoor Pony of

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An Interview With the Owner/Trainer of The World's Smartest Horse

Thoroughbred rescue horse Lucas is proof of patient horse trainingIt's easy to like Lukas who is dubbed the World’s Smartest Horse (according to the World Records Academy) and who is also a Guinness

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If You're Thinking of Adopting a Thoroughbred...

  If you're thinking of adding a retired Thoroughbred racehorse to your life you should check this out. The American Association of Equine Practitioners has developed guidelines to help

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Belgian Horse

Today's Belgian is a big, powerful fellow that retains the drafty middle, a deep, strong foot, a lot of bone, the heavy muscling and amiable disposition possessed by the early Belgians. His qualities as an easy keeper, a good shipper, and a willing

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Photo Gallery: More Baroque Horse Images

If you enjoyed the Baroque Horse Gallery in the August 2009 issue of Dressage Today magazine, here are some more photos.

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Know What to Expect from the Pre-Purchase Exam

It's an exciting time: You've ridden him, you've witnessed his stable manners and you've spent time with him. And you've decided to go ahead and "vet" your potential

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10 Gaited-Horse Myths: Busted!

Myths and misunderstandings about smooth-gaited horses abound. Here, we'll bust 10 common myths, taken from real questions posed by horse owners from around the country. We'll explain why each assumption is wrong - and why you should consider a

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Finding the Right New Owner

You may want to enlist a professional to get your horse in tip top sales shape before you decide to market your horse.

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