You Missed a Spot!

Your horse’s fly protection getup may have a gap.

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Cashel Fly Masks Protect Against More than Flies

We all know fly masks protect against flies. It’s in the name, right? But nowadays they can do a lot more.

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Which Blanket's Best

Use our flowchart to find out which category your horse’s living situation falls into, and then find the perfect blanket that’ll keep him warm, dry, and cozy this winter.

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The Ultimate Winter Gear Guide

As the winter months approach, it’s time to start thinking ahead and preparing for cooler temperatures. From purchasing thermal layers to insulated snow boots or extra blankets for your herd, there are many steps to prepare for winter, regardless of

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Three Steps to Tying Your Horse Safely

Teach your horse how to tie safely in these easy steps.

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Horse Boots 101

Lightweight, cooling qualities and protective powers dominate today’s horse-boot market.

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His Blanket, Your Life

These buy-right strategies will help keep your horse’s blanketing routine low-maintenance and worry-free.

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Blanketing a Trace-Clipped Horse

Eventing groom Max Corcoran offers three tips to consider when deciding how to blanket your trace-clipped horse.

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Product Review: SoulShine Horse Ware

Colorful line adds spice while giving back to a good cause.

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Blanketing the Dressage Athlete

Learn what options are available for blanketing the dressage horse and what’s appropriate when.

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Heart To Horse Box Review

Have you heard the buzz about the Heart to Horse Box? has launched a program featuring a monthly mystery box filled with hand-picked items to captivate both horse and rider alike. Order a...

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The Ideal Equine Winter Wardrobe

It's not as simple as a turnout blanket. Your horse's needs vary with the temperature.

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Jochen Schleese Saddle Fitting Tip - Traumatizing Your Horse?

The physical signs of saddle fit trauma are more easily apparent than the psychological signs. Signs that your horse is in pain include head tossing, bucking, stumbling,...

Product Review: SoulShine Horse Ware

All the fabric that you see are hand crafted from Central America. The purchase of these items helps many families in these third world countries to be able to hand down...

Blanketing Your Horse

This video from the Certified Horsemanship Association describes how to blanket and unblanket a horse correctly and safely.

Professional's Choice SMB Elite Medicine Boot

The SMB Elite Sports Medicine Boot and the Ballistic Overreach Boot are a perfect combination for horse safety. examines both.

Lexol Leather Care Products

Lexol is the most trusted name in leather care. The Lexol family of leather care products is carefully formulated to maintain the beauty and durability of all types of...

Upper Level Eventer Lara Knight Demonstrates How to Use Soft-Ride Boots and Soft-Ride Ice Spa.

Upper level eventer Lara Knight gives a demonstration on how to fit Soft-Ride Boots and the Soft-Ride Ice Spa to your horse and shares why they're some of her favorite...

Fitting a Rope Halter on a Horse by the Certified Horsemanship Association

This video will explain how to correctly put on and fit a rope halter on a horse.

Jochen Schleese Saddle Fitting Tip 2 - Wither Clearance

Clearance at the withers should be 2-3 fingers for normal withers, mutton withers will have more clearance, and high withers will have less clearance. Clearance should be...

Mach 4 Rope by Fast Back Ropes

The Mach 4 is a four-strand, 100% Nylon head rope. Used by beginners to experts alike, the Mach 4 is a good all-season rope that works well in the cold. Find out more...

Weaver Leather Smart Cinch examines Smart Cinches developed by Weaver Leather.

Ultimate Four by Fast Back Ropes

Ultimate Four is a four-strand, lightweight head rope. Clay Tryan gave his input on this small, very fast rope. Find out more about the Ultimate Four rope by Al Benson of...

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