Surgery for a roarer

The surgery to correct laryngeal hemiplegia---roaring---is safe and effective. But it’s scary when it’s your horse under the knife.

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Ulcers in the Dressage Horse

While gastric ulcers have been a popular topic of discussion, it might be time to start thinking a little differently as recent research developments are shifting some of the focus from gastric ulceration to hindgut ulceration, and what’s more, it’s

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6 Things you may not have known about Pigeon fever

Once found mainly in California, this bacterial infection has now been documented in 25 states across the country. Here are 6 little known or sometimes forgotten facts about the infection.

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Whirls and hair whorls

There's a surprisingly simple way of predicting whether a spooking horse will turn to the right or left.

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Understand Hot and Cold Therapy

Your horse is injured, and you’re not sure if you should be running for hot water or an ice pack. Which is best, and when do you use it? H&R contributing editor and Oregon-based...

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Top 10 Blood Tests

Learn what blood tests are most meaningful to your veterinarian—and what basic lab work will (or won’t) tell you about your horse’s health.

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Can You Curb Cribbing?

Here’s the latest research on this strange, incurable behavior, including possible cribbing causes, cribbing dangers and myths, plus seven ways to manage cribbing.

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Rehab Done Right

Trainer Carol Metcalf provides strategic tips to help a reader safely and successfully recondition her horse for work after a long layup.

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An In-Depth Look at Colic Prevention

Colic. Perhaps no other word strikes more fear in the heart of horsemen and -women than this painful condition, which can strike at any time and often seemingly without cause. It is indiscriminate and can even prove fatal for any equine, from

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Repurposed Dish Brush

Though mud and muck might be your wintertime reality, don't let that get in the way of clean white points. Here's how to clean up whites quickly for a late season event.

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Finding the cause of tail rubbing

The clump of long chestnut hairs on the stall wall was a mystery, until you saw the top of your horse’s tail. He’s been rubbing it raw against the wall, but why? The simple answer is...

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Equine Events and Infectious Disease

A “perfect storm” of events can occur to cause a catastrophic disease outbreak that starts at an equine event, and often the local vets are the first called to action. Are you ready to...

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Grooming For Competition With ShowSheen - Brushing

Get that show-day sheen! Watch more on grooming for competition with ShowSheen - Brushing from Absorbine

Mane 'n Tail Shine-On

A true shine: How to use Mane 'n Tail Shine-On from Straight Arrow

Dealing with Worms

Check out this month's video from Merck on dealing with worms.

Mane 'n Tail Detangler

Working out those tangles? Learn about Mane 'n Tail Detangler from Straight Arrow

Webinar: Where Does My Horse Hurt

Renee Tucker DVM author of Where Does My Horse Hurt? spent an evening with MyHorse Books readers to discuss the principles of chiropractic and acupuncture care for your...

The Nutritional Impact of Hay Quality

Hay quality is directly tied to horse health as hay makes up the bulk of a horse’s diet. Learn which factors can impact hay quality and nutrient content.

Grooming For Competition With ShowSheen - Finishing Touches

Grooming for competition with ShowSheen - Finishing Touches with Absorbine

Maintaining the Older Horse

The keys to a long, productive life for your older horse are good nutrition and conditioning. Charles shares how to keep your aging horse active in their later years.

Slow Feeder

Your horse is a grazing animal with a digestive system evolved to process food in small portions up to 16 hours per day -- conditions often hard to replicate when you're...

Zoetis Introduces Domosedan Gel

Learn more about this safe, effective sedative for horses from Zoetis.

How to Put Polo Wraps and Standing Wraps on Horses

Wrap it up! Be sure you know how to put polo wraps and standing wraps on horses, thanks to the Certified Horsemanship Association

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