Fighting Laminitis

New research on a devastating disorder is leading treatment advances and prevention.

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Why hoof bruises happen

Trauma to the underside of the hoof is a common cause of lameness. Here’s how you can help your horse stay sound.

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Hoof-Heat Detector

Here’s a handy little trick that’ll tell you whether inflammation’s at work within a horse’s hoof.

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Manage Your Horse for Stronger Hooves

It's easy to take healthy hooves for granted. For most of us, hoof care means calling the farrier out every six weeks or so, along with an occasional once over and clean outs with the hoof...

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Best Barefoot Strategies

Work with a knowledgeable pro and consider all the options when helping your horse go shoeless.

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How To Treat Your Horse’s Thrush

Dr. Stephen O'Grady, an equine vet and farrier, shares how to prevent and treat your horse's thrush.

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Strategies for 'Going Bare'

You’ve pulled the shoes off your horse, but the transition to a barefoot lifestyle isn’t going quite the way you’d envisioned. Your hoof-care pro says your horse needs to wear boots...

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Self-Lifting Feet

Pat Parelli shares the steps to overcome resistance when picking up a horse’s feet.

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Osphos: The Latest Navicular Drug

A new remedy is doing wonders for sore-footed horses.

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Help Your Horse Handle Hot-Shoeing

A reader asks: How do I ease my horse's fear of hot-shoeing?

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Taking Your Horse's Shoes Off for the Winter? Consider Barefoot All Year Long

Many horse owners like to pull their horse's shoes in the winter and some experts say their horse could enjoy the same benefits of increased circulation and better hoof health if they were kept

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Dogs and Hoof Chews

Dogs like to chew on and consume hoof pieces after the farrier leaves. Is that OK?

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Video: Introduction to Laminitis from the Animal Health Foundation

In this video, Dr. Donald Walsh, DVM, founder of the Foundation and a practicing veterinarian who specializes in laminitis and founder, introduces you to this educational...

How To Pick a Horse's Hoof

A how-to video from the Certified Horsemanship Association showing the basic steps for picking out, or cleaning, a horse's hoof.

Video: Chronic Laminitis and Founder

In this video from the Animal Health Foundation, Dr. Walsh explains chronic laminitis and current methods of hoof mechanics to support damaged feet. He explains abnormal...

Video: Acute Laminitis

Can you recognize acute laminitis symptoms? How can you help your horse if he has equine laminitis or displays acute laminitis symptoms? In this video from the Animal...

Video: Understanding Equine Laminitis: How Does Laminitis Or Founder Affect Your Horse?

Laminitis is a complex disease that can have many causes, including Equine Metabolic Syndrome and Cushing's Disease or "PPID." It is crucial to develop an understanding...

Webinar: Laminitis Lessons with Don Walsh, DVM

Watch a webinar on lamintis presented by equine laminitis specialist Don Walsh, DVM. Don Walsh, a equine lamintis specialist, presented useful information to help horse...

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