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Dental Problems Can Masquerade as Training Problems

Your horse's teeth can affect how he feels, behaves and performs. | MORE


Great Gift Idea For Your Horse Friends (and yourself)!

Why not give something that lasts throughout the whole year and treat yourself, too? | MORE


Equine Winter Skin Care

Nip problems before they become major issues, looking deeply into that long winter coat. | MORE


Meet Winter Head-On

Winter poses horse-care challenges, but a little planning now will go a long way. | MORE


Getting Hitched: Trailer-Hitching Helpers

Much like matrimony, it takes the right combination to make things go smoothly hitching up your horse trailer. | MORE


Processed Salt and Natural Salt Differ Mainly In Price

Nutritionally, they’re very similar. | MORE


Do You Plan To Breed Your Mare?

Don’t underestimate the expense, the difficulty and the impact. | MORE


Eartec Is Wired For Sound In The Riding Arena

Radios make it easier to hear your traininer in a crowded show ring and even at your home arena. | MORE


Release Fly Parasites Now For Your Horses

The truest measure of success in our field trial was the contentment of the horses. | MORE


Your Legs: The Key to Communication With Your Horse

So why are some people not using their legs when they ride their horse? | MORE

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