Alternative Therapies

Homeopathic First Aid Kit for Horses

Holistic veterinarian Madalyn Ward describes how five basic homeopathic remedies can help you care for your horse. From the editors of Practical Horseman magazine. | MORE

More Alternative Therapies

  • Relieve Your Horse’s Back Tightness with Massage

    You can address some types of back pain in your horse with a safe, simple sportsmassage technique. | MORE

  • Magnetic Therapy Is The Real Deal

    When horses had a problem in both legs, response to products was done side by side; i.e. different products used on right and left leg. We also compared response to static magnet products with wrapping alone and to our gold standard, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy with the Respond Systems Bio Pulse or Maxi Pulse. | MORE


Comeback from withers injury

An unusual injury to the withers casts doubt on the future of an easygoing gelding. | MORE

More Anatomy

  • Video: Show Jumping Horse Conformation with Dan Marks, VMD

    Horse conformation plays a large role in determining a horse's show jumping abilities. In this video from the 2008 lecture at the George Morris Horse Mastership Clinic in | MORE

  • An Unusual Tendon Injury

    The odd location of a tendon injury turns out to be good news for a talented young cow horse. | MORE


Do Horses Learn by Watching Each Other?

A behavior expert explains how research has recently proven that horses can learn from the examples of others. | MORE

More Behavior


How to Evaluate a Weanling

Use these tips to evaluate the quality of a weanling to buy or for other consideration. By Robin Gollehon with Juli S. Thorson for Horse & Rider magazine. | MORE

More Breeding

  • Are Markings Inherited?

    An expert in equine color genetics explains how pedigree influences the presence and positioning of white markings. | MORE

  • Can Neurological Signs be Mimicked?

    If a mare has a neurological disease, will the foal copycat her behavior? This veterinarian explains what happens to foals born to infected mares. | MORE


Common Equine Dental Problems

Here's how to recognize dental malformations and abnormal wear patterns in horses. By Christine Barakat for EQUUS magazine. | MORE

More Dentistry

  • Your Horse's Dental Care

    Enhance your horse"s health with regular dental care. Here, we tell you how to spot equine dental problems and how to find an qualified equine veterinary dentist. | MORE

  • Check Your Horse’s Mouth

    Open wide! You can master this useful skill with a veterinarian's simple system. | MORE


Parasite Control

In the 1960s, deworming was done by a veterinarian, who treated a horse by passing a stomach tube through his nose to deliver potent chemicals that killed everything | MORE

More Deworming

First Aid

The Science of Wound Ointments for Horses

A topical wound preparation can have a big impact--positive or negative--on the healing process. Here are tips from a wound-care expert for selecting the right product for your horse's injury. By Christine Barakat for EQUUS magazine. | MORE

More First Aid


Horse Grooming Tips for Show Day

Take a moment to brush up on your grooming techniques with tips from the pros to make your horse shine on show day. | MORE

More Grooming

Hoof Care

EquiSearch’s Ask the Vet: Hoof Abscess

Dr. Joyce Harman shares tips on treating hoof abscesses and other infections in your horse's feet in this Ask the Vet column on | MORE

More Hoof Care

Illnesses & Injuries

Blind Horse Competes

This month, the Your Stories section of Horse&Rider features a young woman and her horse who competed against all odds. Stormy is completely blind, but because of his | MORE

More Illnesses & Injuries


Orthokine System: Promising Arthritis Treatment

Orthokine system therapy calls on the horse's own healing resources to alleviate the effects of arthritis. By Patty Latham, DVM, for EQUUS magazine. | MORE

More Lameness

Rescue & Welfare

10 Steps to Reduce the Risk of Horse Theft

Take these steps now and as needed to reduce the risk of having your horse stolen. From the editors of Horse & Rider magazine. | MORE

More Rescue & Welfare

Senior Horse Care

Feeding Aging Horses FAQ

Find out the answers to five of your most common questions about feeding senior horses from Buckeye Nutrition. | MORE

More Senior Horse Care


Vaccine Wars: The Great Debate

Are you over- or under-vaccinating your horse? Hear both sides of the debate surrounding horse vaccinations to decide what's best in your situation. | MORE

More Vaccinations

  • Advances in Vaccines

    Learn how advanced technologies are making vaccinations safer and more effective than ever before. | MORE

  • Reduce West Nile Virus Risk

    Here are 10 ways to lower your horse's risk of contracting West Nile Virus, from the American Association of Equine Practitioners | MORE

Winter Care

Maintain a Winter Riding Program

Riding during the winter months will stave off the blues and give you a leg up on the competition when the show season resumes. By David J. Wyatt for EquiSearch. | MORE

More Winter Care

  • 15 Savvy Winter Tips

    The Horse&Rider editors offer surefire advice for making horse care easier despite shorter days, mounds of snow, treacherous ice, and freezing temperatures. | MORE

  • When Daylight Dwindles

    Try these timesaving tips to finish up your chores before the sun sets on autumn and winter days. | MORE

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