Alternative Therapies


Relieve Your Horse’s Back Tightness with Massage

You can address some types of back pain in your horse with a safe, simple sportsmassage technique. | MORE


Magnetic Therapy Is The Real Deal

The PEMF unit trumped the static magnets, but it | MORE


Alternative Therapies for Horses

Learn what treatments such as acupuncture, chiropractic, rolfing, herbal remedies and homeopathy can and can't do for your horse. | MORE


A New Career for Ex-Grand Prix Show Jumper Glasgow

A former grand-prix champion has enjoyed many years in lower-level competition, thanks in part to meticulous attention to his care. | MORE


Alternative Therapies for Horses

Learn how to make the most of chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy in your horse's management plan. | MORE


Horse Massage – Get Hands On

Here is how you can connect with your horse through horse massage to make him a healthier, happier athlete. | MORE


Caring For The Equine Athlete, According to Dougie Hannum

Hannum has been a therapist to horses at the highest levels and to horses just starting out for almost four decades . . . and his mission hasn't really changed. | MORE


Loosen Tight Posterior Pectoral Muscles in Your Horse’s Girth Area with Equine Sports Massage

Posterior pectoral muscle tightness in your horse's girth area may be the cause of your horse moving poorly, says a top equine sports massage therapist. | MORE


Calm Rider, Calm Horse

A calm, relaxed rider leads to a calm, relaxed horse. Here, top trainer Linda Tellington-JonesĀ  gives you in-saddle relaxation tips. | MORE


A New Way to Treat Stifles, Backs and Shoulders in Performance Horses

The ReCover Therapeutic Blanket makes it easy to deliver cold or heat therapy to stifles, backs, shoulders and more. Special dual-purpose cold/heat packs and insulated pouches extend cooling | MORE

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