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The Missouri Fox Trotter Horse Breed

Missouri Fox Trotters have the athleticism of the Quarter Horse, the stamina of the Arabian, and the smooth gait of the Tennessee Walking Horse," says JoAnn Becker of | MORE


American Quarter Horse

If the Arabian is an Energizer Bunny on the trail, the Quarter Horse is a 1957 International truck: You can let him sit all winter, and in the | MORE


Horse Cloning Opportunity Opens to Public opened a horse cloning opportunity to the public and announced the cost. Only one slot is available this year with a deadline of August 15. | MORE


How Researchers Cloned the First Equid

Researchers at the University of Idaho cloned three mule colts in May 2003. Here's how they did it. | MORE


Tennessee Walking Horse

These horses have a smile in their eyes," says Hosam "Sam" Haggag. "I've been riding since I was very young, and I've never encountered horses with such sweet | MORE


Mules on the Trail

If all of my horse clients had owned mules, I would've gone broke!" says Robert Isenhart, DVM, with a twinkle in his eye. "They're hearty and healthy, and | MORE


The PasoFino Horse

Their smooth-as-silk action gets into your soul," says Annie Keith of Jamestown, Tennessee. She and her husband, Danny, own 10 Paso Fino horses, and wouldn't have it any | MORE


The Paint Horse

Paint Horses are the Masarati of the equine world," Paint Horse owner Alice Singleton says, smiling. "With all their chrome, they're simply a little snazzier and flashier than | MORE


Fatal Genetic Disorder in Quarter Horse Foals Identified

Research has identified a genetic mutation that leads to glycogen branching enzyme deficiency, a fatal condition in Quarter Horse foals. | MORE


The Rocky Mountain Horse

They're the Golden Retrievers of the equine world," says Mike Hartong with a smile, "sweet and mellow, never high-strung or hyper." While a docile, people-oriented personality was what | MORE

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