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Your Horse's Dental Care

Enhance your horse’s health with regular dental care. Here, we tell you how to spot equine dental problems and how to find an qualified equine veterinary dentist. | MORE


Check Your Horse’s Mouth

Open wide! You can master this useful skill with a veterinarian's simple system. | MORE


Spring Health Check for Senior Horses

Spring is a great time to do a quick evaluation of your senior horse's health and fitness. | MORE


BCS: What Body Condition Scores Mean

With this 9-point scale developed by Don Henneke, PhD, there's no need to guess about a horse's weight losses and gains. | MORE


Why Is My Horse Drooling?

When your horse is producing puddles of saliva, there are a few possible explanations to consider. | MORE


Not-So-Sweet: Why Your Horse’s Breath Stinks

If your horse's breath makes you cringe, investigate the possible causes of the problem. | MORE


Beyond Basic Equine Dental Care

Many horses with serious dental problems now benefit from a wide array of treatment options. | MORE


Team Roping Success: Increase Your Horse’s Performance

Getting along with your horse is the key to improving your team roping performance, whether heading or heeling. | MORE


Reasons for Dental Care in the Horse

Taking care of your horse's teeth can be a secret to success. Learn the importance of equine dentistry for the rope horse here. | MORE


Common Equine Dental Problems

Here's how to recognize dental malformations and abnormal wear patterns in horses. | MORE

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