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Combat Equine Parasite Resistance

As internal equine parasites grow defiant in the face of traditional deworming tactics, it may be time to change your battle plan. | MORE


Deworm Your Horse with Clinton Anderson

Is your horse hard to deworm? Train him to accept the process with top trainer/clinician Clinton Anderson’s proven technique. | MORE


Deworm Your Horse the Right Way

Dose your horse right with these time-proven paste dewormer techniques. | MORE


Is My Horse Infested with Bots?

A veterinary parasitologist counsels an owner concerned that her deworming practices aren't controlling Gasterophilus intestinalis. | MORE


One Simple Tip for More Effective Deworming

Try this trick to ensure your horse gets the most out of his deworming medication. | MORE


Banish Bot Eggs

Interrupt the lifecycle of these parasites by removing their eggs when you can. | MORE


Horse Deworming: A Modern Approach

Rules for parasite control have changed in recent years. Here, your questions answered. | MORE


Simple Tips for Easy Horse Deworming and Vaccinating

Elementary procedures such as worming and vaccinating should be non-stressful for both the horse and the administrator. The following photos and accompanying text help illustrate how a calm, common-sense approach can make things much easier on all involved. | MORE


Deworming Your Horse with Clinton Anderson

Is deworming your horse difficult? Train your horse to accept the process with top trainer/clinician Clinton Anderson’s proven deworming technique. Courtesy of Downunder Horsemanship.


EQUUS Special Report: The Deworming Revolution

<div id="_mcePaste">We must adopt new parasite-control techniques not only to protect today’s horses but to benefit future generations. Here’s what you need to know to do your part</div> | MORE

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