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First Aid


Flushing Equine Wounds: The First Step in Treatment

Thoroughly rinsing a wound is a critical first step in keeping infection at bay. | MORE


How to Keep your Horse’s Tail Healthy

Your horse's tail is more than just pretty. Keep a close eye on the underside of his tailbone to ensure the area is healthy. | MORE


On-Trail First-Aid Kit

Horse or human injuries can happen even on short rides. Be prepared with this on-trail first-aid kit. | MORE


Indispensable Iodine

Here's a quick rundown on the different formulations of iodine solutions. | MORE


When to Bandage Your Horse’s Wound

Consider these three criteria when determining if a wound on your horse would be better off bandaged. | MORE


Is Your Horse’s Wound Infected?

As your horse heals from any type of wound, watch closely for these five signs of infection. | MORE


Life after Equine Laminitis

When laminitis leads to permanent changes in a horse’s hoof, veterinarians and farriers team up to preserve his comfort and soundness through targeted treatments. | MORE


Understand the USEF Equine Drug Testing Rules

If you compete in rated shows, here’s what you need to know to keep your horse healthy and maintain a level playing field. | MORE


Large-Animal Rescue

Become involved in large-animal rescue with this guide to rescue-training organizations. | MORE


Avoid Big Vet Bills

You can save $100s, even $1,000s on vet-care costs with simple changes to your everyday routine. | MORE

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