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How to Keep your Horse’s Tail Healthy

Your horse's tail is more than just pretty. Keep a close eye on the underside of his tailbone to ensure the area is healthy. | MORE


Remove Sap From Your Horse's Hair

Here are some home remedies for removing sap from your horse | MORE


Wash Stall Safety

Keep this safety tips in mind the next time you're in the wash stall with your horse. | MORE


8 Summer Health Concerns

Warm weather and sunny days bring some specific changes to your horse's health. Here's what to be on watch for this season. | MORE


Give Your Horse a Bath

Summer’s warm days are perfect for giving your horse a bath. Here’s how to get him squeaky clean, and put a shine into his mane and tail. | MORE


Webinar: The 5-Day Show-Grooming Plan from Professional Equine Grooms Founder Liv Gude

Practical Horseman and Dressage Today present a show-grooming webinar with Professional Equine Grooms founder Liv Gude. | MORE


Keep Your Horse’s Tail Mud-Free

Here’s a step-by-step method for tying a secure mud knot in your horse’s tail. | MORE


Daily Grooming Routine for Dressage Horses

This daily grooming routine will keep your horse looking sleek and feeling good. | MORE


Spring Clean Up for Your Horse

Spiff up your horse for spring trail riding with these grooming tips from top trainer Lynn Palm. Part II: Clipping tips. | MORE


Hassle-Free Horse Bathing

Spiff up your horse for spring riding with these grooming tips from top trainer Lynn Palm. | MORE

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