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Hoof Care


What To Do When You Find a Lost Shoe

If you find a shoe in the field, track down the horse it came from and do a quick assessment for any damage. | MORE


Barefoot Dressage with Shannon Peters

Trainers Shannon and Steffen Peters explore the benefits of barefoot dressage with high-performance horses. | MORE


How to Use a Horse Hoof Supplement

If you determine your horse’s hoof health would be enhanced with a supplement, use this six-step plan for optimal results. | MORE


To Forestall Thrush

Follow these steps to help prevent this common, smelly infection of the underside of the hoof. | MORE


Explaining Equine Canker

A veterinary expert describes how he treats this stubborn, smelly hoof condition. | MORE


Stay Alert for Laminitis in the Fall

Equine laminitis isn't just a springtime problem. Here's why you need to remain on guard for laminitis well into the fall. | MORE


Summertime Hoof Changes

Peeling, flaking frogs and soles look alarming, but are a normal consequence of dry summer weather. | MORE


Success with Hoof Boots

Thinking of switching from horseshoes to barefoot and using hoof boots for on-trail hoof protection? Here’s some expert information to get you started. | MORE


Help Your Horse Grow Stronger Hooves

How you manage your horse on a daily basis can influence the strength of his hooves. Try these tips for building better hooves. | MORE


Update on Turtle Powell’s “Vegas” and Laminitis

How Vegas is recovering from laminitis | MORE

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