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Illnesses & Injuries


Webinar: “Current and Emerging Musculoskeletal Therapies” with David Frisbie, DVM, PhD

Watch a webinar with David Frisbie, DVM, PhD, as he discusses current and emerging musculoskeletal therapies. | MORE


Flushing Equine Wounds: The First Step in Treatment

Thoroughly rinsing a wound is a critical first step in keeping infection at bay. | MORE


A Seaside Surgery

When a rescued colt requires delicate surgery in Mexico, the best location is outside in the ocean air. | MORE


Handling Splinters in Horses

A sliver of wood under your horse | MORE


Equine Herpesvirus-2 Eye Infection

The diagnosis of EHV-2 keratitis---inflammation of the cornea---is controversial and requires more research. | MORE


Complicated Case of Osteomyelitis

When two potentially deadly infections strike a young filly simultaneously, her veterinarians rush to sort through her confusing signs to devise a treatment plan. | MORE


Ticklish or Something Serious?

Some horses are more sensitive than others, and that's normal. But there are some signs that could mean it's something more serious. | MORE


Comeback from withers injury

An unusual injury to the withers casts doubt on the future of an easygoing gelding. | MORE


Treating Asthma in Horses

A veterinarian explains how to treat chronic respiratory allergies, commonly known as heaves. | MORE


An Unusual Tendon Injury

The odd location of a tendon injury turns out to be good news for a talented young cow horse. | MORE

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