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Webinar: “Current and Emerging Musculoskeletal Therapies” with David Frisbie, DVM, PhD

Watch a webinar with David Frisbie, DVM, PhD, as he discusses current and emerging musculoskeletal therapies. | MORE


Gallop Poll: Dealt With Chronic Lameness?

Participate in our monthly Gallop Poll, and see how many riders have had a similar experience. | MORE


An Unusual Tendon Injury

The odd location of a tendon injury turns out to be good news for a talented young cow horse. | MORE


Fight Arthritis at Every Age

Arthritis typically begins to appear in middle-aged horses. However, there are steps you can take to protect your horse's joints throughout his life. | MORE


How to Interpret Your Horse’s Head Bobs

How a horse's head bobs up and down can be an important clue to lameness. Here's how to read what you see. | MORE


The Equine Lameness Exam

The lameness exam is a sensory exploration for you and your veterinarian involving sight, feel, and sound. Here’s a closer look. | MORE


Physical Causes of Canter Lead Problems

When your horse won't pick up the correct lead, poor training isn't usually to blame. | MORE


Recognizing Radial Nerve Paralysis in Horses

Although it may look like a broken leg, radial nerve paralysis typically has a less dire prognosis. | MORE


Is Your Stumbling Horse Neurologically Impaired?

Try these two simple tests to tell if your horse's simple stumble is a sign of something much worse. | MORE


Joint Supplement Ingredients Explained

Choosing a joint supplement for your horse? Start by checking out the label and learning more about the ingredients the supplement contains. | MORE

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