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Three Leg-icing Techniques for Your Horse

Here are three simple, inexpensive methods for icing your horse's lower leg--and speeding up his recovery. | MORE


Living Without Lameness in Horses

Four ways to avoid career-ending lameness and even life-threatening injuries to your horse and run a sound stable | MORE


Preventing Tendon Injuries

What's better than the successful rehabilitation of a tendon or ligament injury? One that doesn't happen at all. Here are some precautions to minimize tendon injury. | MORE


EQUUS Consultants: The Strained Stifle in Horses

Medical editor Matthew Mackay-Smith, DVM, addresses an EQUUS reader's question on the treatment of stifle strains. | MORE


The Oddities Called Osselets

These bony lumps that form on ex-racehorses' fetlock joints are among the most benign. | MORE


EQUUS Pop Quiz — Horse Tendons

How knowledgeable are you on horse tendons - the critical connectors between muscle and bone? Take this quick test to find out. | MORE

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