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Update on Turtle Powell’s “Vegas” and Laminitis

How Vegas is recovering from laminitis | MORE


Webinar: Laminitis Lessons with Don Walsh, DVM

Watch a webinar on lamintis presented by equine laminitis specialist Don Walsh, DVM. | MORE


Horse Lameness Check

Lameness clues can be subtle. Veterinarian Eleanor Kellon gives you six ways to detect lameness in your horse. | MORE


Stifle Injuries in Team Roping Horses

Performance horses' stifles take a beating in the arena. | MORE


Life after Equine Laminitis

When laminitis leads to permanent changes in a horse’s hoof, veterinarians and farriers team up to preserve his comfort and soundness through targeted treatments. | MORE


Natural Foot Model: Not Perfect?

An Australian study recommends that the hoof used as the model of health for natural hoofcare should be reconsidered. | MORE


Combining NSAIDs in Horses: Two Isn’t Better Than One

Stacking anti-inflammatories is no more effective at easing lameness in horses than giving just one NSAID. | MORE


Understand the USEF Equine Drug Testing Rules

If you compete in rated shows, here’s what you need to know to keep your horse healthy and maintain a level playing field. | MORE


Learn to Recognize Chronic Laminitis

Learn to recognize the slow-onset form of laminitis so you can spot trouble early and summon your veterinarian before major damage is done. | MORE


Laminitis in Horses: Closing In on Better Care

The latest in how and why the destructive disease laminitis develops and immediate and long-term treatment options | MORE

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