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Subtle signs of lameness in horses

Sometimes lameness in horses isn't easy to see. Here are a few of the less-obvious indications of unsoundness. | MORE


Torn Horse Tendon: The Long Road Back from This Equine Injury

Learn what to do at every stage of healing to give your horse his best chance for a full recovery from a torn tendon. | MORE


5 Common Sport Horse Injuries

Find out whether your horse is at risk for one of these sideliners, such as suspensory ligament and deep digital flexor tendon injuries, and what you can do about them. | MORE


How to Detect Lameness in Horses

Lameness clues can be subtle, and it is important to detect these soon for a speedy recovery.  Here are six ways to detect lameness in your horse. | MORE


Fall Laminitis Alert

As summer turns to fall, don't let your guard down on this deadly hoof condition. | MORE


Combat Hock Problems in Horses

Wear and tear can break down these critical joints. Here are the latest targeted treatment options to avoid hock problems in horses. | MORE


Underrun Heels in Horses

Hooves where the angles of the toe and heels don't match can't bear weight properly. | MORE


Photo Gallery: Horse Ultrasound on Horse Tendons

See a horse ultrasound from start to finish in this photo gallery. | MORE


Foot Infections And Abscesses In Horses

Pro rodeo vet Frank Santos explains what abscesses are an how to prevent them. | MORE



An Occupational Hazard For Roping Horses | MORE

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