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Team Roping Success: Increase Your Horse’s Performance

Getting along with your horse is the key to improving your team roping performance, whether heading or heeling. | MORE


Breazy’s Amazing Recovery

Watch the mare featured in March 2011's Case Report go through her paces at a dressage clinic 27 months after her devastating tendon injury. | MORE


Bringing a Horse Back from Injury or Layoff

Bringing a horse back from an injury or a long time off can be challenging. Follow this four week plan to get your horse back in shape for the upcoming rodeo season. | MORE


Bone Cyst: The Case of the Missing Bone

Subchondral bone cysts can cause persistent lameness in horses, but researchers are on the trail of better treatments. | MORE


Experts Tackle Equine Laminitis at Research Workshop

Nearly 50 researchers and laminitis experts attended the 2nd AAEP Foundation Equine Laminitis Research Workshop in West Palm Beach, Fla. to prioritize future laminitis research needs. | MORE


Coping with Arthritis in Horses

With modern medical treatments and management options, your arthritic horse can remain active longer and enjoy a better quality of life. | MORE


EquiSearch’s Ask the Vet: Help for a Hoof Abscess

How long should it take a hoof abscess to heal? Dr. Joyce Harman offers advice to a Standardbred gelding's owner in's Ask the Vet. | MORE


Bowed Tendon: Will My Horse Event Again?

A Practical Horseman reader asks whether an event horse with a bowed tendon will be able to resume her previous level of competition. | MORE


Orthokine System: Promising Arthritis Treatment

Orthokine system therapy calls on the horse's own healing resources to alleviate the effects of arthritis. | MORE


New Arthritis Treatment from Avocados

Researchers study the benefits of avocado in treating arthritis in horses. | MORE

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