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Topical Pain Relief for Equine Joints

NSAID cream offers targeted treatment for equine joint soreness. | MORE


The Wave of the Future: Shock Wave Therapy

Though questions remain, extracorporeal shock wave therapy shows promise in helping equine bones and ligaments heal faster. | MORE


EquiSearch’s Ask the Vet: Diagnosing Lameness

In this Ask the Vet, Dr. Joyce Harman outlines the diagnostic steps to follow if your horse has a mysterious lameness. | MORE


Young Horse, Sore Hocks

Learn about two bone development defects that can affect the hock joints of young horses. | MORE


Equine Lameness Evaluation

In looking back on 45 years of evaluating lameness in the horse, I feel we have not had enough information available to really make a diagnosis in some | MORE


Higher Bute Doses: No Benefit But Higher Risks

A study of bute finds no benefits in higher doses, but higher risks. | MORE


Bone and Joint Problems Chart

What to expect when your horse has a common lameness-causing condition in his bones and joints. | MORE


EquiSearch’s Ask the Vet: Causes of Lameness

Dr. Joyce Harman explores possible causes of lameness in two horses in's Ask the Vet and advises the owners to talk to their veterinarians. | MORE


Promising New Navicular Therapy

Study shows a French drug can reduce lameness in some horses. | MORE


Do-It-Yourself Lameness Exam

Learn how to find the problem and categorize the lameness before you call the vet.


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