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Bringing Back Dressage Horse Much Ado

The aftermath of a February 2002 trailering accident that took Carol Lavell's 2003 Pan Am dressage horse Much Ado out of the ring for eight months showed what patience and dedication can accomplish in helping a horse come back from an injury and regain full performance. | MORE


Problems from Fetlock Rotation

A veterinarian discusses the causes for fetlock rotation, how to check for it and long-term soundness issues. | MORE


New Weapons To Fight Lameness: 3 Case Histories

The cause of lameness in horses can be elusive. Three diagnostic tools may help your vet better find--and fight--lameness in your horse. Here's a case history on each one. | MORE


Built for Ringbone or Sidebone?

Conformational shortcomings may put the lower leg at risk for ringbone and sidebone. | MORE


The Mystery of Stringhalt

Veterinarian Carolyn R. Simmelink explains what is behind a condition that makes it difficult for a horse to control his hind legs. | MORE


Less Than Perfect Gaits in Horses

Horses can exhibit numerous gait abnormalities, such as dishing, winging and paddling. Should you use corrective trimming and shoeing for flawed foot flight? | MORE


EQUUS Consultants: What to do about a Rolling Horse

This reader's horse stops, drops and rolls whenever she tries working with him. Her vet says nothing is wrong. Read what to do about this dangerous situation. | MORE


The Age Event: Arthritis in Horses

A brief look at arthritis in horses, excerpted from the book Hands-On Senior Horse Care. | MORE


Understanding Founder in Horses

A veterinarian explains laminitis, a serious hoof condition commonly known as founder, in simple terms -- how and why it happens and what it means to you and your horse. | MORE


Prevent Lameness, Keep Your Horse Sound

Here's a handy summary of recommendations to prevent lameness and keep your horse sound. | MORE

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