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Winter Care


15 Savvy Winter Tips

The Horse&Rider editors offer surefire advice for making horse care easier despite shorter days, mounds of snow, treacherous ice, and freezing temperatures. | MORE


When Daylight Dwindles

Try these timesaving tips to finish up your chores before the sun sets on autumn and winter days. | MORE


Scratches, Rainrot and Other Equine Skin Conditions

Here's how to recognize and treat some common equine winter skin conditions. | MORE


How Horses Stay Warm

Here's how your horse's fluffy winter coat keeps him warm in chilly weather. | MORE


4 Winter-Feeding Tips

This winter, keep your horse in top form with these guidelines. | MORE


To Blanket Your Horse…or Not?

It’s on again, off again when you choose to play the blanketing game. Lots of factors will determine whether your horse needs to dress for winter. | MORE


Preparing Your Barn and Horses for Winter

Whether the season brings cold, snow or mud, take these steps to ensure the well being of your horses and their environment. | MORE


Using a Cooler to Prevent Chills

An important part of any horse's winter wardrobe, coolers help hot horses cool down without the risk of chill. | MORE


Winter Wood Chewing in Horses

When the weather turns cold and wet, some horse may be more prone to chewing on wood. Here's how you can discourage that destructive behavior. | MORE


Here’s How: How do I ­prevent ­blanket rubs?

Professional groom Liv Gude answers a reader's question on horse blanket fit and preventing rubs. | MORE

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