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Winter Care


Make the Most of Winter Turnout for your Horse

With 8 simple precautions you can safely keep your horse outside—where he’s happiest and healthiest—even when the wind blows and the snow falls. | MORE


Horse Blanketing Questions and Answers

Here are some commonsense answers to all your horse blanketing questions. | MORE


Winter Shelter for Pastured Horses

Although horses are highly adapted for cold weather, those who live outdoors may still need some shelter from harsh winter weather. | MORE


When clipping a horse: Which clip to pick?

Of the many types of body clip patterns for horses, the correct one for your horse suits his individual lifestyle. | MORE


Help your horse grow a thick winter coat

A veterinarian explains how you can use blanketing, coat supplements and strategic lighting schedules to encourage your horse to grow his own, natural insulation against the cold. | MORE


Safeguard Your Veterinary Supplies During Cold Spells

Items in your equine first aid kit, grooming kit, and medicine chest can be adversely affected by freezing temperatures. | MORE


Fighting equine respiratory and skin problems in winter

Sound equine management will keep your horse free from respiratory difficulties and irritating skin conditions this winter. | MORE


Blankets: Save Time And Money

Misinformation abounds even among experts when it comes to blanketing your horse. | MORE


EquiSearch’s Ask the Vet: Horses in Cold Weather

How do I know if my horse is cold? Should I blanket him in the winter? Dr. Joyce Harman answers these cold-weather questions and more in this edition of's Ask the Vet. | MORE


Are Your Horse Blankets Ready for Winter?

With a thorough inspection in early fall, you can make sure your horse blankets are ready for the cold weather to come. | MORE

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