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Two Delicious Bran Mash Recipes for Horses

An occasional bran mash is a tasty treat for horses. Here are two to try. | MORE


Winter Care for Older Horses

Frigid winter weather can be particularly hard on older horses. In this article from the January 2010 issue of EQUUS, David Trachtenberg, DVM, owner of Ledgewood Veterinary Equine Clinic in Ontario, New York, recommends focusing on the two areas of winter management that can have the biggest influence on the health of older horses---feeding and blanketing---to keep them healthy and comfortable throughout the season. | MORE


Fall Horse Feeding

When making seasonal adjustments to your horse’s diet, give his system time to adapt with these expert guidelines. | MORE


Do You Expect To Keep Feeding Hay?

Then we better save the land where it grows. | MORE


The Importance of Salt

Follow these guidelines to ensure that your horse gets enough sodium for optimal health. | MORE


Feed-Room Conveniences

Consider these smart (and inexpensive) touches for an organized, accessible feed room. | MORE


Feed Goes Organic

No pesticides or toxins and higher nutrients, but it comes at a price. | MORE


Reasons for Dental Care in the Horse

Taking care of your horse's teeth can be a secret to success. Learn the importance of equine dentistry for the rope horse here. | MORE


Understand Horse Feed Labels

Learn how to decode the labels on your horse's feed and make sure your horse is receiving the nutrition he needs. | MORE


Considerations of Diet in Roping Horses and Steers

When I’m asked about what to feed a roping horse, or for that matter roping steers, my answer is a somewhat vague, “Well, it depends.” I think there | MORE

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