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Your Horse’s Strange Slobber

Is there any reason to be concerned about a horse's excessive drooling? | MORE


How to Organize Your Feed Room

In the May 2006 issue of Horse & Rider, we take a tour of Cherry Hill and Richard Klimesh's expertly organized tack room. Here, Cherry offers organizing tips for the feed room. | MORE


Pop Quiz: Horse Nutrition

Pop quiz! Answer two questions on horse feed to test your nutrition knowledge. | MORE


For the Love of Alfalfa

It's a tremendous taste tempter. Many horses will go for aromatic alfalfa before they even touch their grain. We've used "alfalfa tea" as a flavoring for picky horses | MORE


An Equine Food Triangle

How do the feeds you give your horse stack up against his nutritional requirements? | MORE


Eats and Treats for Barn-Party Carolers

Wrap up a holiday barn party that includes horseback caroling with yummy, warming eats for both humans and horses. | MORE


With Horse Hay, Wetter Can Be Better

Fresh grass is at least 80% water, while cut grass dried and baled as horse hay is usually 10% or less water. This difference is why even horses | MORE


Feeding Brans

Your horse can get extra roughage and vitamins from brans, and he might like the taste too.



Feeding Horse Hay Cubes

Horse hay cubes are actually made of horse hay that's been cut into small pieces then compressed. Anything added, such as molasses or oil, will appear on the | MORE


Low-Carb Feeds For Your Horse

The Myth of Balanced Feeds Some feeds claim (or at least strongly suggest) that they will provide your horse with everything he needs in terms of nutrition, and | MORE

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