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Common Poisonous Weeds and Wildflowers

Check out this list of common pasture invaders that may be dangerous to your horse's health.

When it comes to grazing, horses tend to select the tastiest forage available. But that doesn't mean that horses won't try to nibble the less palatable variety of weeds and flowers that might be growing in a field or pasture--and some of these can be harmful to a horse's health.

Some weed and flower species cause problems only rarely because horses are unlikely to consume enough to do real harm or the plants aren't widespread and horses aren't likely to encounter them. Nevertheless, it's good to be aware of the poisonous potential of the weeds and wildflowers in our chart.

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One Response to “Common Poisonous Weeds and Wildflowers”

  1. poco bueno says:

    Here is another poisonous “plant” which is actually a tree. The Black Walnut tree will kill a horse. Down in Kentucky, I had the misfortune of getting a load of shavings that contained Black Walnut chips in it and one of the horses comsumed them and died. After the autopsy and blood work was done the vet told us it was the Black Walnut chips that had done our horse in. On another note, which is still under things that are poisonous to horses, is the use of old rubber tires used to feed horses. I’ve seen this problem only in foals, which is that the foals chew on the rubber and ingest it and it causes a blockage in the intestine.

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