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Which Oil is Best for Horses?

There are no "bad" oils for horses but some are definitely considered better than others. | MORE


Fight Arthritis at Every Age

Arthritis typically begins to appear in middle-aged horses. However, there are steps you can take to protect your horse's joints throughout his life. | MORE


Feed Your Horse a Balanced Diet

Determining whether your horse is getting the right nutrients doesn’t need to be complicated. | MORE


Joint Supplement Ingredients Explained

Choosing a joint supplement for your horse? Start by checking out the label and learning more about the ingredients the supplement contains. | MORE


When Your Horse Needs Electrolytes

These common minerals work together to maintain physiological equilibrium in a sweaty horse, a critical job that is surprisingly easy for you to help with. | MORE


How Psyllium Can Help Reduce Equine Obesity

This high-fiber dietary supplement can control blood glucose levels as part of an overall management strategy for overweight horses. | MORE


Combat Hock Problems in Horses

Wear and tear can break down these critical joints. Here are the latest targeted treatment options to avoid hock problems in horses. | MORE


The Importance of Salt

Follow these guidelines to ensure that your horse gets enough sodium for optimal health. | MORE


Hoof Supplements: Integrity Hoof’s Hat Trick

Before you run out to buy any old hoof supplement, you’ve got to know what your individual horse needs. If a particular nutrient is already present in the diet in good amounts, feeding more of it won’t help.All three test horses showed improved hoof quality while on our top pick supplement. | MORE


Equine Supplements That Solve Problems

Does your horse have weak hooves? A dull coat? Achy Joints? Dietary supplements for horses are available to address a wide variety of issues. But for the best results, take a targeted approach. | MORE

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