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Clinton Anderson’s Colt Starting: Desensitize With Plastic Bags

This plastic-bag desensitizing will get your colt-or any other horse-less reactive and ready to ride.

Colts (and all other horses) are naturally afraid of objects that move fast and make a scary noise. Because plastic bags can be made to move quickly and noisily, they're the perfect tool to use in teaching your colt to stay calm instead of reacting. With the step-by-step method in this lesson, you'll desensitize your colt to plastic bags, first by waving them in the air and slapping them on the ground near his body, then by rubbing them all over his body, and finally by flapping the bags-with energy-directly on his body.

(Note: This exercise will help a horse of any age and level of training become less spooky.)

Watch as Clinton demonstrates this method in the video below.

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