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American-bred dressage horses

How two of America’s Specialty breeders develop successful dressage sport horses. | MORE


International dressage horse-hunting

Dressage olympian Belinda Nairn-Wertman takes a student on the trip of a lifetime. | MORE


A Dressage Enthusiast’s Guide to Wellington, Florida

Get an inside look at the premiere dressage hotspot of the South. | MORE


Become a better dressage trainer

How to structure your lessons and help students overcome training hurdles. | MORE


Taking Thoroughbreds from Race Track to Dressage Ring: Part I

Louise Robson explains how correct dressage can benefit all breeds of horses. | MORE


A Grand Prix Dressage Champion Returns

Canadian Olympian David Marcus overcame obstacles to find renewed success in the Grand Prix at Dressage at Devon. | MORE


A Lateral Movement Workbook: Shoulder-In with Volker Brommann

Volker Brommann shows you how to make your horse stronger and more supple with shoulder-in, “the mother exercise of all lateral work.” | MORE


Gymnastic Exercise to Soften Your Horse’s Jaw

Soften your horse's jaw to start controlling his bend and the balance in his shoulders in this gymnastic exercise from Leslie Webb's book Build a Better Athlete! | MORE


The Art of Classic Dressage Training

A top judge reminds us to stick to the classical principles in our training | MORE


Grand Prix Dressage Training with Jan Brons

Jan Brons explains his Grand Prix dressage training philosophy for the dressage rider and her horse. | MORE

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