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Improved Riding Position: Mary Wanless Video

In this video, Mary Wanless explains how to use your body's neuro-myofascial web correctly to improve your riding position.

In the following video, Mary Wanless will explain how to improve your riding position, using the research of anatomist Thomas Myers. Few riders realize that the muscles of the horse and rider work as linked chains, forming lines of pull along various tracks within the body from head to foot. Bringing these kinetic chains to mind and into action while riding can enhance the ease and control for both horse and rider, and improve riding position. These 12 myofascial meridians in the human body have been researched and written up by Thomas Myers, who has studied movement and manual therapy for more than 35 years ( Instead of focusing on the isolated function of individual muscles, his seminal work maps the functional connections within our working biological fabric—call it the neuro-myofascial web.

In this video, you will learn how to use this strong web of lines to better stabilize your seat to improve your riding position. To learn more about how to improve your riding position from the inside out and learn more about Thomas Myers' work, read Mary Wanless' articles in the September 2011 and August 2012 issues of Dressage Today.

Fliqz Video: Mary Wanless' The Muscle-Chain Connection Exercise  (Fliqz)

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