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Dressage Test Tips: Fourth Level and Prix St. Georges Trot

Janet Foy explains how to combine the shoulder-in, volte, circle and half pass. | MORE


Groundwork for the Dressage Horse: Leading, Longeing, Long-Reining and Desensitization with Uta Graf

Uta Gräf discusses groundwork exercises for the dressage horse, including safe strategies for longeing, long-reining and desensitization. | MORE


The Anatomy of Dressage Horse Hindquarters

Learn to understand the structure and biomechanics of dressage horse hindquarters with Dr. Hilary Clayton. | MORE


In-Hand Work for Dressage Training

Former chief rider at the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg, explains unmounted dressage training. | MORE


Photo Gallery: Driven Dressage

Dressage rider Michele Templer Hoch talks about finding her confidence again through driven dressage in the February 2011 issue of Dressage Today. In this online driven dressage photo gallery, she shares more pictures from her driven dressage work with her Miniature Horse, Lewie. | MORE


How to Win Dressage Test Points with Accuracy

Learn how accuracy can give you an advantage in the show ring. | MORE


Jim Wofford’s Modern Gymnastics: Gymnastic 1

This first gymnastic from Jim Wofford's book introduces your horse to stepping over poles on the ground in an organized manner. | MORE


A Guide to Dressage Gaits

Tips from Olympian and licensed Bereiter Jan Ebeling will help you improve your training and sharpen your eye for a horse’s way of going. | MORE


Easy Canter Pirouettes with Morten Thomsen

How to teach your horse the complex canter pirouette from the walk | MORE


How to Correct a Lateral Walk

Lean how to diagnose and treat a lateral walk by establishing a correct connection. | MORE

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