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Ask the Experts – Crookedness at Canter

Barb Crabbe, DVM, answers a Dressage Today reader's question about her horse's crookedness at canter and offers some exercises to help strengthen him and straighten the canter. | MORE


Ask the Experts: Back-to-Front Explained

What is meant by the dressage term 'Riding a horse from back-to-front?' Dressage trainer Melissa Jackson explains how to ride your horse from back to front and how to tell if your horse is doing it correctly. | MORE


Video: Dressage Tempo Training

Beth Hall explains how to identify consistent tempo during a dressage test by using a metronome. | MORE


Take the FAST Out of Canter Lengthenings

Build beautiful canter lengthenings by allowing your horse to "breathe" through his back. | MORE


Horse-Training Equipment: Is it Art or Violence?

Tips from the FEI rule book on why coercive training equipment doesn’t work. | MORE


Book Excerpt: The Lusitano Horse, Basic Lineages

The following is the book’s introduction, which gives a short overview of the venerable Lusitano bloodlines. | MORE


A Day in the Life of a Dressage Olympian

Adrienne Lyle shares a key to her international-level dressage success: an organized routine. | MORE


An Olympian Overcomes Dressage Show Adversity

Adversity in the dressage show ring taught this top rider how to be a better dressage athlete, dressage trainer and dressage competitor. | MORE


Olympic Dressage History

In the last installment of this series, U.S. riders look back at the 2008 Games in Hong Kong. | MORE


Christoph Hess: Top Dressage Training, Part 1

German master Christoph Hess explains how to become a great rider and build correct connection in dressage training. | MORE

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