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Ask the Experts: Preparing for Collection

How to build your horse's strength for early collection through hill work, cavalletti and transitions. | MORE


Your Horse Is Your Partner

Help your horse work WITH you, not FOR you, says this Pan Am dressage silver medalist. | MORE


Learn the Turn on the Forehand

The turn on the forehand is a great preparation for future movement. | MORE


Betsy Rebar Sell: Go For Perfection

Your dressage test will be better if you push yourself and your horse for your best possible performance -- even if you make an occasional mistake in the effort. | MORE


Dressage Arena Repair and Maintenance

How to water a dressage arena correctly to keep the footing from releasing dust | MORE


A Master of Cutting & Dressage

A champion cutting horse transforms into a winning dressage horse | MORE


How to Sell a Dressage Horse

Learn how to sell a dressage horse to the best possible home at the best possible price. | MORE


Practice the Dressage Fixes With the Test

Pennsylvania-based dressage trainer Todd Flettrich, who rides for Iron Spring Farm, explains how he prepares and focuses for a dressage test. | MORE


Finding Your Dressage Leg

Recent converts to dressage often feel compelled to transform their leg into a "dressage leg" overnight. They enthusiastically drop their stirrups three holes and "tough it out" or ride for weeks without irons. Neither of these approaches works. Here's why! | MORE


Working with the Green Horse

Could you learn to do a split overnight? Then don't ask your green horse to immediately perform in the proper frame, says dressage expert Elizabeth Madlener. | MORE

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