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Improved Riding Position: Mary Wanless Video

In this video, Mary Wanless explains how to use your body's neuro-myofascial web correctly to improve your riding position. | MORE


Memorize Your Dressage Tests

Dressage rider and trainer Heather Mason offers several strategies to successfully memorize your dressage tests. | MORE


Ask the Experts: Riding Accurate Dressage Movements

A dressage and sport horse breeding judge gives advice on improving test movements. | MORE


Lisa Wilcox’s Tips for Throughness

Tips from Olympian Lisa Wilcox can contribute to your horse's throughness and enhance his contact and balance. | MORE


Kyra Kyrklund’s Smaller Steps for Greater Balance

Dressage Olympian Kyra Kyrklund demonstrates a simple solution to common balance problems with horses at any level. | MORE


Dressage Life: Setting Goals

This adult amateur learns that the dressage rider sets the level for the pair. | MORE


What to Look for in a Dressage Horse

Find out what to look for in a dressage horse and why a big mover might not be your ideal partner. | MORE


Six Phases of a Second Level Ride

In the December issue, FEI "I" judge Hilda Gurney explains some of the more advanced Second Level work in "Introducing the Travers and Renvers" for her monthly training series that follows the journey of a horse from conception to Grand Prix. Below, she explains how to pull it all together and approach Second Level schooling sessions with planning and purpose. | MORE


Olympic Dressage History, Part 1

U.S. dressage riders and Canadian dressage riders look back at the 1976 and 1980 Olympic Games and Olympic dressage history. | MORE


Top-Notch Dressage Test Turnout

California dressage trainer Mette Rosencrantz shows you how to properly dress for a dressage competition. | MORE

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