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How Do I Teach My Horse to Stretch and Collect?

Dressage judge and trainer Maryal Barnett answers a reader | MORE


Navigate the Warm-Up Arena at a Dressage Show

Learn how to stay sane during the pre-test chaos in the warm-up arena at a dressage show. | MORE


Motivate Your Dressage Horse with Uta Gräf

German Grand Prix rider Uta Gräf explains how to train using the rider’s moral obligation to the dressage horse. | MORE


10 Time-Tested Rider Position Fixes

Our top-to-bottom guide helps you rein in your most persistent rider position issues. | MORE


Rider Fitness: Equestrian Rehabilitation

Unmounted exercises to improve your body for success in the dressage saddle. | MORE


The Extended Trot

How to develop the extended trot in the dressage horse. | MORE


The Benefits of Leasing a Horse

How this alternative to horse ownership can help you get your horse fix without maxing out your budget. | MORE


How Do I Slow Down My Horse?

Eventer Kristin Schmolze offers two horse training exercises to improve horse control. | MORE


Dressage Horse Breeding at Dalhem

Swedish Warmblood breeder Hans-Yngve Göransson shares his formula for successful dressage horse breeding. | MORE


The Journey of a Baroque Horse

Finding a baroque horse and training him to the highest level of dressage. | MORE

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