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Rider Fitness


The Chaps-Fit Plan

With 10 minutes a day and some smart food swaps, you can conquer that tight squeeze in time for show season-and get healthier in the process. | MORE


Rider Fitness: Unmounted Show Warm-Up

Five unmounted rider fitness exercises to prepare you for dressage training. | MORE


Riding Pain and Hip Surgery

Lessons from a dressage rider’s riding pain and experiences with hip surgery | MORE


Rider Fitness Tip of the Month: Develop a Quiet Seat in Dressage

The importance of having a quiet seat in dressage and ways to increase straightness and balance it. | MORE


Improved Riding Position: Mary Wanless Video

In this video, Mary Wanless explains how to use your body's neuro-myofascial web correctly to improve your riding position. | MORE


An Easy Equine Fitness Plan

An equine veterinarian helps a reader with divided time develop a schedule to exercise her out-of-shape horses. | MORE


Rider Fitness: Equestrian Rehabilitation

Unmounted exercises to improve your body for success in the dressage saddle. | MORE


Three Stretches to Prevent Horseback Riding Injuries

Long, limber muscles help prevent horseback riding injuries. Here are three pre-ride stretches from certified personal trainer Katie Mital. | MORE


Chaps-Fit Plan: Proper Technique

Watch as we show you how to properly do the exercises from the Chaps-Fit Plan. | MORE


Rider Fitness Tip of the Month: Improve Your Dressage Seat, Stabilize Your Pelvis

Unmounted exercises to prepare your body for success in the dressage saddle. | MORE

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