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Book Review: Long Reining to Break Horses to Harness

This book by Heinrich Freiherr von Senden explains how to introduce any horse to longeing and long reining--from draughts to sport-horses. Reviewed by Mary Daniels for Dressage Today magazine. | MORE

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What’s the Ideal Endurance Horse Conformation?

Endurance competitor Dr. Michelle Roush explains what to look for in endurance horse conformation. | MORE

More Endurance

  • A Tevis Cup Journey

    A journal of the Tevis Cup, the ultimate endurance rider's pilgrimage, a grueling journey through the Sierra Nevada that demands equal measures of fitness and faith. By Bobbie Lieberman for EQUUS magazine. | MORE

  • Endurance and Equine Welfare Evaluated

    The American Endurance Ride Conference intensifies efforts to protect horses competing in long-distance rides. Written by Bobbie Lieberman for EQUUS Magazine. | MORE

More Sports

Going Full Tilt with Full Metal Jousting Contestant Jake Nodar

Horse trainer Jake Nodar will be participating in one of the oldest horse sports as a contestant on History's Full Metal Jousting, which will premiere on Sunday, Feb. | MORE

More More Sports

  • New Horse Sports

    Trail and recreational riders, your time has come. If there's one trend that characterizes the Western horse world in the new millennium, it's a reformed regard for recreational | MORE

  • Farewell Beloved Rym and Ila

    May 1, 2003 -- Rym, beloved vaulting horse, was euthanized April 4 at the age of 22. He is remembered by those who loved him. | MORE


Jim Wofford: The Science of Galloping

Proof that your galloping position can help—or hinder—your event horse. | MORE

More Racing

  • The Genetic Basis of Speed in Racehorses

    For centuries, managing the careers of Thoroughbred racehorses has been more art than science. Now, however, trainers can use a genetic test to determine the optimum racing distance for an individual horse based on a variation of a specific muscle-growth gene. | MORE

  • Thoroughbred Tattoo Letter Age Chart

    The letter in front of the numbers on his lip tattoo corresponds to the year he was born. Check out our tattoo age chart to find out your OTTB's age. | MORE

Therapeutic Riding

Horses We’d Love to Own: Katie

From dude ranch to therapeutic riding center, this unregistered Appaloosa mare has found the perfect second career as a therapy horse. | MORE

More Therapeutic Riding

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