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What’s the Ideal Endurance Horse Conformation?

Endurance competitor Dr. Michelle Roush explains what to look for in endurance horse conformation. | MORE


A Tevis Cup Journey

A journal of the Tevis Cup, the ultimate endurance rider's pilgrimage, a grueling journey through the Sierra Nevada that demands equal measures of fitness and faith. | MORE


Endurance and Equine Welfare Evaluated

The American Endurance Ride Conference intensifies efforts to protect horses competing in long-distance rides. | MORE


A Change is as Good as a Rest in Ride & Tie

K.S. Swigart recommends Ride & Tie as a way to become a better endurance rider: it most definitely provides a better understanding of just what it is we are asking of our horses, and just what it is we can do to help them. | MORE


Endurance Riding Profile – Alexandra North – The Will to Ride

Endurance riding enthusiast Alexandra North and her horse CV Butter Bea have met the challenges of the sport of endurance riding - and then some! | MORE


Endurance Tragedies Draw Scrutiny

Officials plan to evaluate safety and welfare of endurance horses after two died in competition at the 2002 World Equestrian Games. | MORE


A Desert Ride

A rider tackles her first endurance ride -- in the sands of Egypt -- with a little help from her friends. | MORE


Ride & Tie Women Give Men Run For Money

The 3rd installment of the 2003 Shine and Shine Only Ride & Tie proved a great battle of the sexes, with just 10 seconds separating the first and second place teams. | MORE


32nd Annual Ride & Tie Championship

September 9, 2002 -- Brothers Con and Todd Wadsworth team up to win their fifth Ride & Tie Championship, followed closely by Jim Howard and Dennis Rinde 17 seconds later. | MORE


Endurance Riding Associations

Use these links to find information about a variety of worldwide endurance riding associations. | MORE

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