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Going Full Tilt with Full Metal Jousting Contestant Jake Nodar

Learn how modern-day horse trainer Jake Nodar prepared for and competed on Full Metal Jousting, a jousting television show. | MORE


New Horse Sports

Six growing sports offer hot new opportunities for Western riders. | MORE


Farewell Beloved Rym and Ila

Rym, beloved vaulting horse, was euthanized April 4 at the age of 22. He is remembered by those who loved him. | MORE


Polo and Polocrosse Clubs and Associations

Links to national polo and polocrosse associations and local polo clubs. | MORE


Learn about Vaulting

Learn about the sport of Vaulting - gymnastics on horseback. | MORE


Flying Fences at Montpelier

Memories of Marion duPont Scott and the hunt races at her Montpelier. | MORE


Foxhunting with ‘Tipps’ in Ireland

Two young American riders confront the daunting foxhunting terrain of County Tipperary, on a riding vacation in Ireland. | MORE


Huntsman’s Loss Unites Horsemen

It was rare for Tot Goodwin to oversleep. It was even rarer for him to oversleep on a day he was going to go fox hunting. But one morning he woke up two hours late and knew something was wrong. He sensed it. | MORE


Tale of the Black Brush — Conclusion

Part Two of EquiSearch's Halloween ghost story chronicles the eerie ghost foxhound pack rioting on the windswept moors of Dartmoor, England, and the hounds' mysterious quarry. | MORE


Tale of the Black Brush

On certain moonlit nights on windswept Dartmoor, England, a pack of ghostly rioting foxhounds rips pell mell through the countryside. | MORE

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