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Jim Wofford: The Science of Galloping

Proof that your galloping position can help—or hinder—your event horse. | MORE


The Genetic Basis of Speed in Racehorses

Researchers in Ireland have developed a genetic test to help determine which type of racing a horse is more likely to succeed in. | MORE


Thoroughbred Tattoo Letter Age Chart

The letter in front of the numbers on his lip tattoo corresponds to the year he was born. Check out our tattoo age chart to find out your OTTB’s age. | MORE


Fit a Cross-Country Safety Vest

Properly adjusting your body protector will help ensure your safety during schooling and on course. | MORE


My Secretariat

On an incredible afternoon 37 years ago, I had an unforgettable fling with sporting history, as Secretariat became the first Triple Crown winner in a quarter century. | MORE


An Inside Look at Animal Planet’s New Series JOCKEYS

Go behind the scenes of a new "docu-soap" featuring Thoroughbred race riders, set to begin February 6, 2009. Plus, watch a preview of the show. | MORE


Track Enforces Antislaughter Policy

A Massachusetts track implements a rule prohibiting the practice of sending former racehorses to slaughter. | MORE


Program Tracks Racing Injuries

Racetracks gather horse injury data for a new reporting system. | MORE


Which Thoroughbred Best Fits My Needs?

Guidelines to consider when choosing an off-the-track Thoroughbred for a specific English discipline, from the book Beyond the Track. | MORE


EQUUS Special: What’s at the Heart of Racetrack Breakdowns?

The death of Kentucky Derby second-place finisher Eight Belles is causing many to question the safety and ethics of horse racing. The May '08 issue of EQUUS magazine explores research into why breakdowns occur. | MORE

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